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Fostering with
Meow Rescue

About the program


Becoming a foster parent is an extremely rewarding experience and most importantly it allows us here at Meow Rescue to continue to find homes for our rescues who require that little bit of extra care.


This role comes with its challenges but one that will give you a huge sense of fulfillment knowing that you are helping these cats and kittens get that one step closer to their forever homes.


Meow Rescue will cover the cost of veterinary needs for each cat/kitten. We will do our best to supply you will all the items you will need for your new fosters, however, if you could help out it would be greatly appreciated. We ask that you care for your fosters like you would your own and love them unconditionally. 


We have a team of Foster care Co-ordinators who will match your capabilities, lifestyle and working schedule with our fosters needs and requirements. We are always looking for more foster families as we are inundated with cats and kittens all year round.

If you have any questions about becoming a foster carer for Meow Rescue, please send us an email at meowrescueinc@gmail.com




If you are interested in becoming a foster carer for Meow Rescue, you will need to need to meet the following requirements:

  • Submit a completed foster carer application

  • Hold a valid drivers license or have access to reliable and safe transportation 

  • Carers must be a minimum of 18 years old 

  • Provide a safe home environment for your fosters, adhering to the foster requirements 

  • Ensure all personal pets are up to date with vaccinations, flea and worming treatment 

  • Ensure you are up to date with your tetanus vaccination  

  • Agree to a home check if required


Application Process


To apply, simply fill out our Foster Care Application.


Once recieved, our team of Foster Care Co-ordinators will review your application and be in contact



What is foster care?
All the cats and kittens here at Meow Rescue are placed into pre-approved foster homes whilst they complete the process of being "adoptable" this includes veterinary treatment, behavioral assessments and socialisation. Once approved "adoptable" they will remain in your care or with one of our partners (PETstock) until they are adopted.


Who can be a foster carer?

Our foster families come from all backgrounds, from families, students all the way through to the crazy cat loving people. You must be over 18 years of age to become a foster carer and must be able to meet the needs of each cat/kitten in your care which includes; daily feeding, cleaning, socialisation and lots of love!


Can I choose who I foster?

The highly trained team at Meow Rescue has a careful selection process when it comes to placing cats/kitten to our foster families. We occasionally seek certain skills for specific cats/kittens that may require specialised care, but we take great care when it comes to matching your skills and lifestyle to our cats/kittens. 


How long is the foster commitment?

The length of a fosters stay varies upon the specific cat/kitten(s) case, this includes age, veterinary needs etc. Some of our fosters spend as little as 2 weeks with us or as long as a few years! There are different fostering opportunities to suit everyone's time commitments. 


Can I foster if I have pets?

The short answer is YES! Providing your personal pets are up to date on their vaccinations, flea and worming treatment along with being desexed then you are certainly able to foster. However, there may be times where you need to separate your fosters from your personal pets.


What support do I receive? 

Meow Rescue will do its best to provide you with the appropriate equipment to start your fostering journey. 
You will need to cover your travel costs if in any situation our transport volunteers are unable to assist at the time. 

We also have a Foster Carer's support page on Facebook which connects all the Meow Rescue's foster families for moral support and advice.