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Breed: domestic short hair 

Gender: female

Birthdate: 29th November 2017

Suitability: suitable for most families, pets with proper introductions 

Find me: I am located in Wallan with my foster mum Bec. 

About me:


kye is the youngest of 3 (by 20minutes) and a little shy. She bonds quickly but will need some time to become accustomed to a noisey house hold environment. She can be super smoochy and loves a good cuddle.


Hello, I'm Skye,


I am the youngest out of 3... only by 20 minutes though! I consider myself still a little shy but I will bond quickly to my new family. I still need time to become accustomed to a noisey household environment, but if you put in the patiences with me, I will be wonderful addition. I am also super smoochy kitten once we are friends, and I enjoy lots of cuddles!

I hope you have room in your hearts and home for me!

Love, Skye