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Current Details for ABN: 27 433 263 465


MEOW rescue is a NOT for profit organisation which rescues Cats and Kittens within the Melbourne area.


We have grown from one person into a rescue group. We are run entirely by volunteers and we are passionate at making change in the lives of unwanted cats and kittens. All rescue cats are cared for by our team of foster carers in their own homes. So come socialised and in most cases have had interaction with other cats and dogs. All kittens and cats have been vet checked, wormed, treated for fleas, desexed, microchipped and vaccinated and are looking for their purrfect home.

We work with the community, shelters/pounds and other rescue groups to make change in the lives of so many unwanted animals. We run a last litter program where people surrender their cats litter to us and we desex, microchip and vaccinate the Mother cat for free so stopping the ongoing unwanted litters.

We are also happy to discuss any issues relating to your cats/kittens and try to help keep these cats and kittens out of pounds.

If you are looking for a loving kitty to adopt then PLEASE contact us on Petrescue. We will find the right cat/kitten for you.

Visit our adoption centres located at the following stores to find your purrfect kitty!

  • PetStock Chelsea - 03 9773 2154

  • PetStock Keysborough -  03 9002 0850

  • PetStock Mornington - 03 5975 7477

  • PetStock Mornington Central - 03 5906 5799

  • PetStock Hastings - 03 5977 0040

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