If you can't Adopt - Foster, If you can't Foster - Sponsor, If you can't Sponsor - Volunteer, If you can't Volunteer - Donate, If you can't Donate - Educate

DOnate MEow

By donating to Meow Rescue you are not only supporting our mission, but you are saving lives!

We receive countless requests from the public wanting to donate in multple ways to our rescue. 

There are may ways to support our Rescue!

Money Donations

One of our donation options are money donations.

$10 feed a cat for 1 week

$20 vacination for 1 cat 

$50 microchip for 1 cat

$100 desexing for 1 male cat 

$150 desexing for 1 female cat

Donations can be made via our paypal account

Or direct deposit

Remember all donations over $2.00 are tax deductable!

Supply drop off

Another donation option is a supply drop off. We are constantly in need of the following items:

  • Newspaper litter 

  • Wet food 

  • Kitten formula - Divetelact

  • Litter trays 

You can donate these supplies to:

Louise - 25 Clayton Hill Road, Langwarrin South

Donate your home


Become a Foster Carer!


If you have room in your heart and home, the time to care for our wonderful foster cats / kittens, then become a Meow Rescue Foster Carer!

Check out our
Foster Carer 
page to learn more!